Utopia Style Workshop

Saturday 23rd Feb

1.30pm - 4.30pm

Fieldgate Centre, Kingsclere, RG20 5SQ



UTOPIA has for the last 10 years been an haven for lovers of more expressive music and covers a range of styles of music from funkier, modern R&B to soul and blues. This leads to a style of dance that is all about slotting, frame and connection. Whilst it may be different to what you’re used to on the Ceroc dance floor all of the techniques we teach have the benefit of enhancing your dancing at all levels and is similar in style to the SILC syllabus.
Complexity of moves is less important, instead we concentrate on bodylines, weight distribution, momentum and flow to give you a range of movements and figures that will help to build your repertoire for when the tempo slows down.
In this workshop we will be teaching 2 UTOPIA style Routines pitched at Intermediate level, each incorporating the key points mentioned above to continually re-iterate and instil the techniques that will give you confidence on the UTOPIA and SILC dance floor; but also progress your dancing overall.
We are running a 'pure' Utopia freestyle in the evening where you can practice and develop your technique and the workshop price includes entry to the evening freestyle which runs from 8pm - midnight
The cost is £30 and you can book online HERE