Former UK Blues Champions, and Jive Masters Grand Finalists and as partners and originators of Utopia, David & Val bring a wealth of experience to Ceroc Newbury both from competing at the highest level and from over 13 years of teaching from foundation to advanced level Ceroc, MJ, Blues and Utopia style classes. Their style is constantly evolving and along with a commitment to nurturing up and coming dancers to creating some of the most groundbreaking freestyle events around as part of the Utopia development team, they also find time to socialize and are very often the last people on the floor at weekend events. They can also always be found on the dance floor on regular class nights and at freestyles dancing with beginners and advanced dancers alike. 

They have been Ceroc teachers for over 13 years now and also currently teach at Twickenham on Monday nights (where they have been in residence for 12 years) for Ceroc London. They are also headline teachers for the majority of Ceroc Escape weekenders and have previously taught for many other affiliates and independent dance organizations as well as at a number of music festivals and corporate functions including twice on the Orianna, P&O's flagship cruise liner. Apart from teaching regular classes David & Val have also been teaching on a private lesson basis for a number of years too and it's this in-depth knowledge of teaching people on a one to one basis that helps them to fully understand how best to teach Ceroc in a class format. This has lead them to introduce the special 20 min focus connection introduction classes for new members at the start of every regular class evening before the beginners class commences. This will help to form part of the foundation for bringing new dancers into the dance community at Newbury and as far as we are aware is the only class of this type being offered in the UK. 

Teaching is however, only one aspect of a successful dance night and the other is the music and the DJ (along with the quality of the venue of course). David has over 13 years DJ experience and is the regular DJ at both Ceroc Newbury & Twickenham and has featured at all the Ceroc weekends in both the main room and COZ (Chill Out Zone/Blues room).  He has also Dj'd at most major Ceroc venues in London and surrounding areas including Hammersmith, Ashtons, Chiswick and the Watford Colosseum - and in addition has DJ'd at many other external events including Wychwood Music Festival, Rock Bottoms and Swinging the Blues. In the main room his freestyle mix is a vibrant and seamless blend of the old and new with an emphasis on creating the perfect blend of styles and tempos. In the Chill Out room room, as a founder member of the Utopia Chill Out lounge and the soul & funk retro evenings, David's music encompasses traditional Blues and R&B along with Latin, Soul and more contemporary styles of slower music.

Masquerade Ball, Watford Colosseum