Dips and Drops Workshop

Saturday 24th March 1.30pm - 4.30pm (Kingsclere)

Before the evening Twisted Freestyle

This workshop shows you the  techniques you need to adopt for delivering perfect drops with both confidence and safety in mind. The onus is not just on the guys adopting a strong, safe base and frame, but also on the ladies too - in fact technique is everything for both the guys and the ladies. Positioning, weight distribution and body lines are the focus here so that ladies can take their own weight, but guys can learn the tools to ensure they can protect themselves if a lady does pre-empt a drop move by shifting her weight too quickly.

These techniques are demonstrated by using a series of dips and drops that once mastered can be easily added to your repertoire to add flare and musicality to your dancing.

The workshop costs £30pp and you can book a workshop and freestyle package for £35

And you can book for this workshop/freestyle package via our diary page HERE.