Classic Intermediate Moves 2 Workshop - Sun 10th March (Fieldgate Centre, Kingsclere)
1.30pm - 4.30pm

Classic Intermediate Moves 1 Workshop - Saturday 25th May (Fieldgate Centre, Kingsclere)
1.30pm - 4.30pm



These workshop are designed for dancers who are already familiar with all the beginner moves and who have started (or are thinking about starting) the Intermediate classes on our regular nights.  The workshops will teach you a range of classic intermediate moves or beginner move variations that will not only immediately enhance your repertoire but will also help to give you a step up to our regular Intermediate classes. The workshop will also focus on lead and follow techniques and show how best to combine moves in freestyle. This is an informal afternoon with regular breaks throughout for refreshments.

There are 24 Classic Moves and these are split into 2 workshops '1 & 2'. It doesn't matter if you do one without the other or if you do 2 before 1.

The Beginner Plus workshop teaches a range of Beginner Move variations to immediately and simply enhance your repertoire

1.15pm - arrival for registration

1.30pm - the workshop will start promptly at 1.30pm

4.30pm - review and close

Cost for the afternoon is £25 pp


Click HERE to book online for the Workshop or call 07958 587256 to book